[openstack-dev] [StoryBoard] A few new things StoryBoard does these days

Zara Zaimeche zara.zaimeche at codethink.co.uk
Thu Mar 24 15:19:03 UTC 2016

Hi, all,

We've been working on StoryBoard 
(https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/dashboard/stories) for a while, but 
haven't really updated the list; here's a roundup.

New things in storyboard over the last few months:


* storyboard.openstack.org sends email notifications!

Finally! If you are subscribed to a project, project-group, or story, 
and it changes, you'll get an email. At the moment these are pretty 
basic, and off by default. To turn them on, log in (in the header), 
click 'profile' toward the bottom of the sidebar, and you should see a 
checkbox on the bottom left below 'preferences'. This is just an on-off 
switch; you will receive emails for all changes to a subscribed 
resource, or none. We plan to refine it further; feedback welcome for 
what changes people would like to see most! Thanks so much to everyone 
for helping to get this show on the road. :)


* column for 'stories assigned to me'

Useful as a shortcut to see your planned work

* column for 'stories created by me'

Useful as a shortcut to see issue reports you've filed.

* subscriptions

Now you can see the list of things you're subscribed to, all in one 
place. These are accessible from the star-shaped button on the dashboard 
submenu on the sidebar (click 'dashboard' and the submenu should fold out)

Boards and Automatic Worklists:

*Manual worklists

These allow you to order tasks, by dragging cards up and down in the 
worklist. They allow for more finely grained personal priorities than 
the global 'priority' button. To make one, click 'create new...' in the 
header. Once created, you can edit to make it public or private, and 
choose who is able to move/delete items (or the worklist itself) by 
setting owners and users. Best to play around.

To see your current worklists, click 'dashboard' in the sidebar, and the 
second icon in the dashboard submenu (it looks like some horizontal 
lines, and is not great; patches welcome!)


These are a display of several worklists on a page, which can visualise 
the progress of tasks. You can create due dates which can be shared 
across boards, and then apply them to items in a worklist in a board. 
it's all hard to explain in words, so here's a board:


Things in a board you have permissions for can be moved, deleted, 
reordered, etc. Boards are created and accessed from the same places as 
worklists.At the moment they only show manual worklists, and you can't 
import an existing worklist into a board.


You can now also have an automatically updating worklist filtered by, 
say "all tasks in the project 'StoryBoard', that are in review" and so 
on. I suggest trying it out and seeing what's around (when creating a 
worklist, there's a checkbox for 'automatic'; check it and see what 
happens). These worklists cannot be reordered.

We want to make all boards and worklists more discoverable in the 
future; they're a bit tucked away at the moment. We're also working 
toward automatic worklists in boards...

* Task Notes

Now you can add notes to a task. This lets you say 'patch in review 
here', etc, a bit more easily than putting a long list of urls in the 
story description. There's a funny-looking button next to the task title 
on the story detail page; clicking it should allow you to add notes. 
It's white if there are no notes and black-on-red if there are some.

That was a very long email, sorry. We tend to be around in #storyboard 
on freenode, though it's a holiday weekend over here in the UK, so... I 
picked a bad time to send this! :D New contributors and patches always 
welcome; the codebase is a mix of python, angularjs, and html/css. Most 
of this is SotK's work, and I just yell about it so he gets the credit 
he deserves; he has done an amazing job; thanks, SotK! And thanks again 
to everyone who has been involved so far, you're the best!  If I've 
missed anything, please say. :)

Best Wishes and Happy Task-Tracking,


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