[openstack-dev] [heat] issue of ResourceGroup in Heat template

Sergey Kraynev skraynev at mirantis.com
Wed Mar 23 19:20:11 UTC 2016


Honestly I thought about it, but I am not sure, which behavior was
before for both. I don't mind if we create such bug and investigate
the root cause (unfortunately I had not time to do it yet).
The my main point was to provide workable way for mentioned issue.

p.s. there is corresponding bug was created

On 23 March 2016 at 20:35, Steven Hardy <shardy at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 05:25:57PM +0300, Sergey Kraynev wrote:
>>    Hello,
>>    It looks similar on issue, which was discussed here [1]
>>    I suppose, that the root cause is incorrect using get_attr for your case.
>>    Probably you got "list"  instead of "string".
>>    F.e. if I do something similar:
>>    outputs:
>>      rg_1:
>>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a, rg_a_public_ip]}
>>      rg_2:
>>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a, rg_a_public_ip, 0]}
>>      rg_3:
>>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a]}
>>      rg_4:
>>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a, resource.0.rg_a_public_ip]}
>>    where rg_a is also resource group which uses custom template as resource.
>>    the custom template has output value rg_a_public_ip.
>>    The output for it looks like [2]
>>    So as you can see, that in first case (like it is used in your example),
>>    get_attr returns list with one element.
>>    rg_2 is also wrong, because it takes first symbol from sting with IP
>>    address.
> Shouldn't rg_2 and rg_4 be equivalent?
> {get_attr: [rg_a, rg_a_public_ip]} should return a list of all
> rg_a_public_ip attributes (one list item for each resource in the group),
> then the 0 should select the first item from that list?
> If it's returning the first character of the first element, that sounds
> like a bug to me?
> Steve
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