[openstack-dev] [heat] issue of ResourceGroup in Heat template

Steven Hardy shardy at redhat.com
Wed Mar 23 17:35:40 UTC 2016

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 05:25:57PM +0300, Sergey Kraynev wrote:
>    Hello,
>    It looks similar on issue, which was discussed here [1] 
>    I suppose, that the root cause is incorrect using get_attr for your case.
>    Probably you got "list"  instead of "string".
>    F.e. if I do something similar:
>    outputs:
>      rg_1:
>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a, rg_a_public_ip]}                  
>      rg_2:                                            
>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a, rg_a_public_ip, 0]}                
>      rg_3:                                            
>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a]}                            
>      rg_4:                                            
>        value: {get_attr: [rg_a, resource.0.rg_a_public_ip]} 
>    where rg_a is also resource group which uses custom template as resource.
>    the custom template has output value rg_a_public_ip.
>    The output for it looks like [2]
>    So as you can see, that in first case (like it is used in your example),
>    get_attr returns list with one element.
>    rg_2 is also wrong, because it takes first symbol from sting with IP
>    address.

Shouldn't rg_2 and rg_4 be equivalent?

{get_attr: [rg_a, rg_a_public_ip]} should return a list of all
rg_a_public_ip attributes (one list item for each resource in the group),
then the 0 should select the first item from that list?

If it's returning the first character of the first element, that sounds
like a bug to me?


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