[openstack-dev] [tc][fuel][kolla][osa][tripleo] proposing type:deployment

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Mar 23 11:01:48 UTC 2016

Steven Dake (stdake) wrote:
> [...]
> Brain still booting this morning - 8am ftl.  Thinking more clearly on this
> point, we could add a requirement that the software produce a functional
> out of the box working environment.  This would easily apply to OSA and
> possibly even Puppet/Chef efforts.
> A stab at it would be:
> "After deployment is complete, the starter-kit:compute is fully
> operational without further interaction from the Operator."
> Open to language help in the review itself - I'll propose an update this
> morning.  I'd like to be inclusive of projects like Puppet and Chef and
> obviously OSA which are clearly deployment systems which rely on
> deployment tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible respectively.  This is the
> same model Kolla follows as well.  Kolla Doesn't reinvent Ansible, we just
> use it.
> A type:packaging doesn't really fit though, because Kolla provides a
> completely working out of the box deployment whereas packaging (deb,
> docker, rpm) only package the software for other deployment tools to
> consume.

Right, my point is that since the tag applies to specific deliverables, 
I would apply the type:deployment to the thing that people must install 
to produce a deployment -- that thing can then depend on other things 
(libraries, packaging/recipes/playbooks), but what we need to 
communicate to downstream users is where the entry point is.

I'll follow up on the review.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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