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Thu Mar 17 14:25:16 UTC 2016

Hi Erno,From my perspective, your value is  priceless. You clarified fundamental concepts to us. 
Consistently over time, after interacting with you, we walked away with deeper understanding, fresh, improved perspectives and with better confidence.
It's a great value have a Person like you around a we really have to thank you.
Many thanks,daemontool

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From: Erno Kuvaja <ekuvaja at redhat.com> 
Date: 16/03/2016  20:37  (GMT+00:00) 
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Subject: [openstack-dev] [glance] Stable and Release Liaison 

Hi all,

Due to some changes where my focus is needed, I will not have time to keep driving Glance's stable maintenance nor continue my efforts in Glance release management.

I hope/believe that this shift of focus is temporary in nature and that I will still have time to participate on reviews, bugfixes, backports etc. as part of Glance development. I just will not have time to put in the efforts these liaison duties will need and I feel it would be wrong towards the community to keep the expectations for such.

I know that we have brilliant people in the community to drive these efforts forward and I'll be helping where I can.

Thanks for you all who have been helping with these efforts over past cycles.

Best Regards,
Erno jokke_ Kuvaja

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