[openstack-dev] [Solum] PTL candidacy

Devdatta Kulkarni devdatta.kulkarni at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Mar 16 20:43:39 UTC 2016


I would like to submit my candidacy to continue as PTL of Solum for the Newton cycle.

In Mitaka we accomplished several things including,
- completion of app and workflow API model
- ability to scale application instances
- ability to deploy pre-built application containers
- made Solum's devstack and vagrant development environments stable
- kept up with upstream in regards to release tools and various plugins
- got new contributors

For Newton cycle, I believe we have following challenges in front of us.
- Code stability
  We need to focus on adding more tests towards improving code stability

- Documentation
  Our getting started guide can be improved considerably so that
  it further lowers the barrier for new contributors to get a working
  Solum environment. We need to improve documentation for sample applications
  which we provide within solum repository.

- Multi-container apps
  We need to enhance Solum to build and deploy multi-container applications which may
  follow different kinds of container patterns.

- Deprecating plans and assemblies
  When we started Solum, the abstractions of plans and assemblies provided good
  starting points for modeling applications and their deployments. Over time
  it was felt by the team that these abstractions did not align with
  similar abstractions from other systems, and hence the team developed and implemented
  abstractions of 'app' and 'workflow'. Time has come for us to deprecate plans and
  assemblies. This will greatly simplify our codebase.

- Horizon plugin
  We have a horizon plugin, but we have not actively maintained it in last
  few cycles. Now that the new API is in place,
  it is time for us to revisit the plugin and get it working again.

- Migrate off of oslo incubator
  Currently we are lagging behind in adoption of oslo libraries. In the current
  cycle we got help from several members of the Oslo team towards migrating some parts
  of our codebase to use oslo libraries. I am really grateful to them for this help.
  I plan to engage with their team more on this in this cycle.

Let us work together on achieving these goals in this cycle.

Best regards,
Devdatta Kulkarni

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