[openstack-dev] [sahara] Vitaly Gridnev PTL candidacy

Vitaly Gridnev vgridnev at mirantis.com
Thu Mar 17 12:35:58 UTC 2016

Hello everyone!
I'd like to announce my candidacy for PTL position of the Data
Processing program (Sahara).
I'm working on Sahara project since Juno release, and since Mitaka release
I'm the member of the Sahara core reviewer team.
In Mitaka release Sahara team did the great job:
* important improvements are done in Sahara Dashboard side;
* sahara scenario framework was moved outside of Sahara repository;
* finally Sahara moved to use Heat as a default provisioning engine;
* secret storage improved using castellan implementation;
* OpenStack Client integration added;
* health checks for clusters and so on.
Also Sahara community continues growing, new folks from Intel, Mirantis,
Red Hat and other companies joined us and it's great! New folks from
Outreachy program
joined us, and it's also important!
For Newton cycle our team should keep going:

* continue improvements in our user interface;
* make important features in security for Sahara itself and in Hadoop;
* more flexible and stable CI, improve our integration tests coverage;
* continue efforts in implementing API v2;
* collect user experience about Sahara and start implementing features
  based on this experience;
* prepare new tasks for the Outreachy program, so that new folks who
  join us will have an interesting task to pick up.
My focus as a PTL will be coordination of all work above, managing
Sahara releases, and tracking all activities related to new features
in Sahara.
Also I'd like to thank the previous Sahara PTL Sergey Lukjanov, who did
the great job in managing and improving Sahara! I think that together with
Sahara team we can make Newton release great as we did in the previous
release cycles.
Best regards, Vitaly Gridnev
e-mail: vgridnev at mirantis.com
IRC: vgridnev, Launchpad: vgridnev.
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