[openstack-dev] [cinder] Proposal about quota-class update

Dongsheng Yang dongsheng.yang at easystack.cn
Wed Mar 16 06:48:14 UTC 2016

Hi all,
     I found there is a glossary of quota-class in cinder. But only
two operations implemented for it:
     cinder quota-class-show
     cinder quota-class-update

I am not sure I understand it correctly, but I think we can make it
working better as below.

(1) Implement some generic quota-class related operations for it.
     a). cinder quota-class-create --name NAME --volumes xxx ...
     b). cinder quota-class-show ID/NAME
     c). cinder quota-class-update ID/NAME --volumes xxx...
     d). cinder quota-class-delete ID/NAME
     e). cinder quota-class-list
     f). cinder qutoa-class-assign PID QCID
(2) introduce an option of --volume-quota-class in 'opentack project 
create' command
     to specify the default quota class of a tenant.

     (1). create a quota-class for a vip type of tenants.
         # cinder quota-class-create --name vip --volumes 100
     (2). list the quota-classes.
         # cinder quota-class-list
     (3). create a tenant for a 'vip' with the vip quota-class as the 
default quota-class.
         # openstack project create v01 --volume-quota-class vip
     (4). show the default quota-class of v01
         # cinder quota-defaults v01
     (5). show the quota detail of v01
         # cinder quota-show v01

Does this sound good? If yes, I would like to register a BP for it.

Any comment is welcome!!

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