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Kanagaraj Manickam mkr1481 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 06:37:45 UTC 2016

Dear all,

I am announcing my candidacy for PTL role in heat for Newton release.

I started to work in heat from Juno release and got opportunities to work on
various features in Heat services and it's echo-system like CI,
It helped me to get confident with heat service and community. Based on
I would like to announce my candidacy and will assure to continue the team
success formula "consensus building".

My goal is to increase the existing user and developer experiences in heat
to the next height, by working with us on following aspects in Newton

* Work with Product WG to understand their road-map and bring the required
features in heat. It helps to align with big-tent's over-all road-map.

* Complete the Convergence initiative and bring greater value out-of it. It
helps for greater scalability.

* Heat is being consumed in OpenStack by TripleO, Tacker, Magnum, Murano,
Provide best support to these project communities for their needs in heat
project. It helps to expand the foot-print of heat and enhance these

* Implement existing and new blue-prints. It helps to strengthen heat's
muscular power.

* Implement hot-parser in similar line with XML parser, YAML parser, etc. It
helps those open-source and closed-source solutions use the HOT template.
python flavor is established, other language such as java-script could be

* Over the releases, heat-templates git repo is grown up with many templates
and some of them might be absolute as well. Investigate templates in this
and make them organized based on heat features, use-cases, etc. Also make
all are *valid* templates. It helps to make it better manageable and usable.

* Continue the test-case improvements and identify the gaps/improvements in
build jobs and test automations and fix them. It helps to reduce the
turn-around time of authors and improves the existing heat quality further.

* Make Orchestration api-refs, developer and user guides to be in sync with
heat master code base. It helps to easy/enhance the heat user's life.

Thanks for your considerations,
Kanagaraj Manickam

IRC: KanagarajM
Launchpad: kanagaraj-manickam
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