[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer] Doubt about data recollection

Alberto Gutiérrez Torre alberto.gutierrez at bsc.es
Tue Mar 15 15:01:54 UTC 2016

Hello Gordon,

Thanks for your reply.

What we would like to have is access to the data available in Ceilometer
API but by local access. For instance, CPU metrics produced at a given
node will be consumed in that same node. Probably we will not need all
the available data we're yet finding which variables are of our
interest. To start with, CPU usage and memory usage are mandatory.

I believe that what we are searching is to access directly to compute
agent data. Is this possible, for example, subscribing to  the RabbitMQ
queue where the data is being published by the agent? Is there any other
way to do so?

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

On 15/03/16 15:39, gordon chung wrote:
> On 07/03/2016 11:47 AM, Alberto Gutiérrez Torre wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Istarted working with OpenStack's ceilometer recently and I have some
>> questions that I can not resolve with the documentation I have found.
>> I would like to have the telemetry of a node inside the node itself (for
>> example, a virtual machine that resides in that node and processes the
>> local information in some way) without passing through the global scope
>> (Ceilometer API with the default settings). Is it possible? I have read
>> about agent plugins and it may be a way to approach to the solution
>> (http://docs.openstack.org/developer/ceilometer/contributing/plugins.html).
> sorry, missed this while we were busy with release. can you clarify what 
> data you want? we currently have different agents that gather metrics in 
> various ways.
> polling agents - periodic querying of various apis
> 	- compute/ipmi agents - exist on host and query for host and guest 
> level metrics
> 	- central agent - exist usually on controller node and query service apis
> notification agents - listens to service queues for any messages published.
> cheers,

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