[openstack-dev] [glance]Why vm boots from the cirros image soslow?

Han Chao hanchao at unitedstack.com
Tue Mar 15 08:22:02 UTC 2016

I just suffered this problem recently. What I found is the VM could not contact with its DHCP server. In my case, it will keep sending the ARP request to finding the DHCP server until the procedure becoming time out. This causes the slowness for the VM booting up. 

Hopefully, it somehow explains one of the reasons that slows the system booting up.

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> There is a question confuses me a long time. I create a vm by using the "cirros" image. Why  
> the vm was so slow?

The "cirros" image shouldn't be terribly slow. It's a very tiny operating system that shouldn't require a lot of resources. It's simple and great for our typical use case of verifying that glance and nova are working together well and nova is booting images properly.

> In the VNC console, I see these info says "further output written to /dev/tty0". And the  
> vm hangs a long time. What does the vm doing at that time??

I was talking to a coworker earlier today and some versions of the cirros image attempt to generate a random number which can cause it to hang.

> Besides, could someone tell me the history of the image name "cirros"?

I suspect someone who actually works on the CirrOS project would know better (https://launchpad.net/cirros).

Ian Cordasco

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