[openstack-dev] [glance]Why vm boots from the cirros image so slow?

Ian Cordasco sigmavirus24 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 21:11:40 UTC 2016

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Subject:  [openstack-dev] [glance]Why vm boots from the cirros image so slow?

> There is a question confuses me a long time. I create a vm by using the "cirros" image. Why  
> the vm was so slow?

The "cirros" image shouldn't be terribly slow. It's a very tiny operating system that shouldn't require a lot of resources. It's simple and great for our typical use case of verifying that glance and nova are working together well and nova is booting images properly.

> In the VNC console, I see these info says "further output written to /dev/tty0". And the  
> vm hangs a long time. What does the vm doing at that time??

I was talking to a coworker earlier today and some versions of the cirros image attempt to generate a random number which can cause it to hang.

> Besides, could someone tell me the history of the image name "cirros"?

I suspect someone who actually works on the CirrOS project would know better (https://launchpad.net/cirros).

Ian Cordasco

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