[openstack-dev] [cinder] Let's do presentations/sessions on Mitaka's new complex features in Design Summit

Gorka Eguileor geguileo at redhat.com
Mon Mar 14 20:52:38 UTC 2016


As you all probably know, during this cycle we have introduced quite a
big number of changes in cinder that will have a great impact in the
development of the new functionality as well as changes to existing ones
moving forward from an implementation perspective.

These changes to the cinder code include, but are not limited to,
microversions, rolling upgrades, and conditional DB update functionality
to remove API races, and while the latter has a good number of examples
already merged and more patches under review, the other 2 have just been
introduced and there are no patches in cinder that can serve as easy
reference on how to use them.

As cinder developers we will all have to take these changes into account
in our new patches, but it is hard to do so when one doesn't have an
in-depth knowledge of them, and while we all probably know quite a bit
about them, it will take some time to get familiar enough to be aware of
*all* the implications of the changes made by newer patches.

And it's for this reason that I would like to suggest that during this
summit's cinder design sessions we take the time to go through the
changes giving not only an example of how they should be used in a
patch, but also the do's, dont's and gotchas.

A possible format for these explanations could be a presentation -around
30 minutes- by the people that were involved in the development,
followed by Q&A.

I would have expected to see some of these in the "Upstream Dev" track,
but unfortunately I don't (maybe I'm just missing them with all the cool
title names).  And maybe these talks are not relevant for that track,
being so specific and only relevant to cinder developers and all.

I believe these presentations would help the cinder team increase the
adoption speed of these features while reducing the learning curve and
the number of bugs introduced in the code caused by gaps in our
knowledge and misinterpretations of the new functionality.

I would take lead on the conditional DB updates functionality, and I
would have no problem doing the Rolling upgrades presentation as well.
But I believe there are people more qualified and more deserving of
doing that one; though I offer my help if they want it.

I have added those 3 topics to the Etherpad with Newton Cinder Design
Summit Ideas [1] so people can volunteer and express their ideas in


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