[openstack-dev] [stable] Intentions for stable PTL in Newton

Matt Riedemann mriedem at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Mar 14 19:31:10 UTC 2016

I've announced my candidacy for Nova PTL for Newton [1]. Since I'm 
already the stable PTL, I want to explain my intentions.

The idea of a stable team as an official project came in the middle of 
Mitaka and I was elected the initial PTL, it's really only been about 
three months now.

We are in a groove of having weekly meetings to discuss stable branch 
health status, updates, reminders, etc. That's been going well although 
attendance is generally low.

There have been developments like the stable:follows-policy tag and we 
plan on discussing the stable branch end of life (EOL) policy at the 
Austin summit. The stable team also reviews release requests for stable 
branches now.

There are gaps in tooling that need addressing, and some people are 
working on some of that. These are mostly writing scripts to help 
automate collecting potential bugs for backporting, open backport 
reviews, and stable branch review stats.

The stable PTL role has been a part time job, as I think stable 
team/branch work is for everyone that's involved in doing it. The group 
that works on maintaining stable branches are mostly also involved in 
other projects, I don't think anyone in the stable team is fully 100% 
just working on stable.

If the opportunity to run for Nova PTL hadn't come up, I would have been 
running for stable PTL again since the work was more or less just 
getting started. If I'm not elected as Nova PTL and no one else runs for 
stable team PTL, then I'll gladly stay in that role. Regardless of 
election outcomes I plan on continuing to be a part of the stable 
maintenance team and working on it like I did before it was an official 




Matt Riedemann

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