[openstack-dev] [all] Maintaining httplib2 python library

Chris Dent cdent+os at anticdent.org
Mon Mar 14 14:47:06 UTC 2016

On Mon, 14 Mar 2016, Sean Dague wrote:
> On 03/14/2016 10:24 AM, Ian Cordasco wrote:
>> And then we can (and should) also ask "Why have we been using this?
>> How much work do cores think it would be to remove this from our
>> global requirements?"
> +1.

Despite volunteering to take care of it, I agree that if it isn't
needed it shouldn't be used. There is a trend towards using requests
and most of the time it is probably the better choice. I tend to
prefer httplib2 because the interface is more semantic for _my_
specific purposes.

I'm happy to take it on outside the direct auspices of OpenStack.
The relative difference between how much Joe has been caring for it
and giving it a tiny bit of attention just to keep it healthy is
huge in value, tiny in effort.

> Trove doesn't seem to actually use it (though it's listed), though maybe
> wsgi_intercept uses it directly?
> run_tests.py:from wsgi_intercept.httplib2_intercept import install as
> wsgi_install

wsgi-intercept (I maintain that) can use httplib2, http.lib or
requests (and if you go back a few versions even more) so those tests
could be updated to use requests and still use wsgi-intercept if that
was desired.

gabbi relies on httplib2[1] so that's the main motivating factor in me
wanting to make sure httplib2 has a secure feature. Therefore since
some OpenStack projects test with gabbi, httplib2 will remain a
transitive test dependency.

[1] If gabbi were to switch it wouldn't be to requests but probably
urllib3 because the reason httplib2 was chosen is because it does
very little for you and makes few guesses. Requests on the other
hand... However there are no immediate plans to make any changes.

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