[openstack-dev] [Kuryr] PTL Candidacy for Gal Sagie

Gal Sagie gal.sagie at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 15:48:37 UTC 2016

I would like to propose my candidacy for Kuryr PTL position.

Kuryr has only recently joined OpenStack big-tent and i would like to
receive the official trust of the community and continue serving as the
PTL for a full release cycle.

I think that Kuryr serve an important role in current OpenStack eco-system
and solve new problems that many users are facing starting to deploy
containers environments mixed with OpenStack.

Kuryr is a relatively new project but i am proud to say that we already have
a very diverse community and feel that we operate openly and advancing in
right direction.
I would like us to keep doing that and advance even faster in the next
cycle, I
have and will continue to devote time to bring more new contributors and
into Kuryr.

Kuryr is at first a team effort, me and Toni (apuimedo) from Midokura are
this together all the way from the start and hopefully continue so in the
I would also like to thank all the great people and contributors helping and
working together with us on Kuryr, you guys are doing great job!

My goals for Kuryr to the next release are:

* Stability, Test coverage and benchmarking - This is important for every
  project but especially for Kuryr that is facing and working with models
  frameworks that are experimental and changing quite often.
  As more users considering deploying Kuryr, our quality assurance become
  and more critical but also our advantage over existing solutions.

* Kubernetes Integration - This effort has already started and we already
  what seems to be a good design and a POC implementation of this, i would
  us to keep that great work from Antoni Segura Puimedon, Irena Berezovsky,
  Taku Fukushima and Jaume Devesa.
  We also need to start looking at providing extra enhancement and policy
to the
  deployments, working together with the Kubernetes and Neutron communities
  accomplish this.

* Magnum and Nested containers - We have a great spec and proposal for this
  done by Fawad Khaliq and i hope to soon be able to bring more interested
  to work on this with him and hopefully myself as well.
  To me, the goal is for Kuryr to be the default Magnum networking driver
  this is one big step in this direction which we do openly with the Magnum

* Operators / users - I would like for us to be more involved and
responsive for
  users needs and requirements, Mike Spreitzer from IBM is helping us drive
this effort.
  I am working on providing more reference architecture of such mixed
  which will help us prioritize and find the best use cases to focus on.
  I am also working internally in Huawei trying to bring these operational

  I think packaging and Kolla integration are major part of this effort and
makes the
  process of deploying Kuryr simple and easy, we need to continue all the
good work that
  was done on this front and add support for more and more existing Neutron

* Containers storage - My plan is to expand Kuryr mission statement to also
bridge between
  containers orchestration engines and models and the various storage and
backup projects
  in OpenStack to provide simplified management and extra added value
features for
  containers deployment.
  I hope that we will start these discussions, designs and work during the
  release and do it hand in hand with all of these projects.

* Added value features - Like being able to attach to existing
  a very use full feature for production use cases that i hear is needed
quite a lot and is being
  implemented by Mohammad Banikazemi.
  We need to identify any other feature that simplify and improve
containers networking
  and work to provide it.

* Increase visibility - Put focus on providing more documentation, blog
posts and arrange
  meetups and talks for all of us to spread the word about Kuryr.
  I feel that operational documentation is very important for our first

* New contributors - I personally hope that more companies (like RedHat and
Mirantis) will
  join our effort and share their vision with us in order to provide a
better solution
  to the community.
  I am also working on more active involvement from Huawei and hopefully
from other
  companies just as well.

Thanks and feel free to email me with any question,

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