[openstack-dev] [diskimage-builder] Bypass loopback size limits

Yolanda Robla Mota yolanda.robla-mota at hpe.com
Fri Mar 11 17:40:56 UTC 2016

I have a problem working with diskimage-builder, when trying to create 
images larger than allowed.

I need to create a dib image, with the following partition (sfdisk format):

2048 4869952 L *
              4872000 + L;
              0 0;
              0 0;

This has been working in the past, but suddenly the config of the VMs i 
was using look different, and i'm getting this error:

Warning: given size (4869952) exceeds max allowable size (3170816)
Warning: The partition table looks like it was made
   for C/H/S=*/69/21 (instead of 197/255/63).
For this listing I'll assume that geometry.
         start: (c,h,s) expected (1,28,12) found (0,32,33)
         end: (c,h,s) expected (1023,68,21) found (303,68,21)
Warning: partition 2 has size 0 but is not marked Empty
Warning: partition 1 extends past end of disk

Anyone knows how can i bypass that limit on loop device? I tried 
creating an image file with dd, then attaching with losetup (losetup 
/dev/loopxx image-file.img) , but then diskimage-builder complains about 
the filesytem being in use. Anyone has hit that on the pass and knows 
any workaround?


Yolanda Robla Mota
Cloud Automation and Distribution Engineer
+34 605641639
yolanda.robla-mota at hpe.com

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