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Wed Mar 9 23:36:35 UTC 2016

On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 1:37 PM, Doug Hellmann <doug at doughellmann.com> wrote:

> The etherpad [1] doesn't discuss any other alternatives that were
> evaluated and rejected. Were any other options considered? In
> particular, how does this course compare to an event such as the
> Community Leadership Summit[2], for which all of the participants
> are other open source contributors, rather than small business
> owners/managers?
> [1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Leadershiptraining
I just wanted to chime in here, too, that the etherpad does list (at the
bottom) a few other options/companies/groups I researched/vetted, some of
which are larger and more corporate offerings, and/or self-guided online
learning opportunities that I think might cover good leadership training
for the OpenStack community. None of them seemed particularly geared
towards getting the conversation going around defining goals around
leadership in a larger community (rather than corporation) while offering a
subset of varied training opportunities tailored to the group in the way
that ZingTrain does (which they do, btw, because they're geared less
towards corporations, more towards small businesses). I've started filling
in even more options that have come my way since starting to talk with
folks who are giving feedback about what they'd like to see available - so
consider this an invitation to the entire community to add more
options/detail/reviews if you've taken anything you like or hate, or are
curious about an option you may have heard of through colleagues or friends!

I've also posted the sample mash-up itinerary I mentioned previously under
the option for that training in the etherpad, and I'll continue to work
with ZingTrain to finalize a couple of other options. In the meantime if
anyone has feedback or questions or would like to see something look a
little different, do let me know.

Thierry - I didn't quite respond directly to you question about the
consequence of having this expand to include much of the TC in attendance
being that the dev community as a whole feels like there's too much of a
divide between the TC and the larger Community. As I see it, given that we
max out around 20 participants, we could certainly work to actively reserve
space for non-TC community members who express interest. All 13 current
members of the TC have expressed interest in going, and we have potentially
7 entirely new members that can be elected, which puts us around the
maximum preferred in a training if every spot is newly elected and everyone
interested now decides to come (though ZingTrain has said that 22-25 is
sometimes an acceptable overflow). The event-planner in me is assuming that
won't actually happen and we'll have space, but we won't know til after the
election. I think it'd be a huge asset to have more than the TC represented
there, so consider me signed up for helping to organize/engage there.

thanks everyone!

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