[openstack-dev] [puppet] [neutron] Adding puppet-ovn part of Puppet OpenStack

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Wed Mar 9 14:59:15 UTC 2016


networking-ovn is a project part of OpenStack Neutron:

"OVN provides virtual networking for Open vSwitch and is a component of the
Open vSwitch project. This project provides integration between OpenStack
Neutron and OVN."

Red Hat started to work on a Puppet module that installs & configures OVN
services, on top of Open-vSwitch:

Why not deploying OVN with puppet-vswitch?
OVN is a part of the OVS project. It's even in the same git repo as OVS
right now. However, it's somewhat isolated. It's also possible that it gets
split out into its own git repo someday.
OVN consists of some new daemons and databases. It's optional components
that you may enable on top of OVS.
But openstack/puppet-vswitch abstracts away the vswitch details in its
interface, so puppet-ovn would likely consume puppet-vswitch.

I submitted a request to OpenStack governance so we can have the module
part of Puppet OpenStack tent:

Feel free to vote and bring feedback.

Emilien Macchi
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