[openstack-dev] [Ironic] Clarifications about ThirdParty CI deadlines

Thiago Paiva thiagop at lsd.ufcg.edu.br
Mon Mar 7 19:48:35 UTC 2016

Hello folks, 

My project is in need of some clarifications about the deadlines for the CI deployment on [1]. If you can kindly answer these questions to help us consider changes on our sprint planning to address the community requirements, would be very very helpful: 

1) In the point 2, what do we mean by "receive events"? Is is about reading from the event stream of Gerrit and take the appropriate actions? Act upon "check experimental" or "check <something>" comments are considered valid to fulfill this requirement? 

2) We are a little confused with the phrase "post comments in the sandbox". By that we mean commenting on the "openstack-infra/ci-sandbox" project? Do we need to keep commenting on sandbox even when we have already set-up the job to read events and comment results for the "openstack/ironic" project? 

Thank you, 

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Ironic/Testing#Third_Party_CI_Requirements 

Thiago Paiva Brito 
Lead Software Engineer 
OneView Drivers for Openstack Ironic 
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