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> Hello Stackers,
> This is the continuation of an ongoing conversation within the TC about
> encouraging the growth of leadership skills within the community that began
> just after the Mitaka summit last year[1]. After being asked by lifeless to
> do a bit of research and discussing needs/wants re: leadership directly
> with TC members, I made some suggestions on an etherpad[2], and was then
> asked to go find out about funding possibilities.
> tl;dr - If you're a member of the TC or the Board and would like to attend
> Leadership Training at ZingTrain in Ann Arbor, please get back to me ASAP
> with your contact info and preferred timing/dates for this two-day training
> - also, please let me know whether April 20/21 (or April 21/22) would
> specifically work for you or not.

I'd like to, but curious about the possibility of deferring until after the
new TC is elected? I know the seats tend to stay static, but with possibly
half the TC changing it would offer a nice opportunity to get to know any
new members.

Thanks for working on this effort!

> Longer version:
> Mark Collier and the Foundation have graciously offered to cover the costs
> of training for a two-day session at ZingTrain in Ann Arbor  - this
> includes the cost of breakfast/lunch for two days as well as two full
> working-days of seminars. Attendees would be responsible for their own
> travel, lodging, and incidental expenses beyond that (hopefully picked up
> by your employer who sees this as an amazing opportunity for your career
> growth). Currently, I've heard the week before the Austin Summit suggested
> by more than one person coming in from out of the country as preferred
> dates, but we've not committed to anything yet, so here might be a great
> time and place to hash that out among interested parties. ZingTrain has
> suggested a cap of ~20 people on the course, but that's not totally firm,
> so it's possible to add more if more are interested, or we could hold two
> separate two-day sessions to accommodate overflow. My ideal mix of people
> include those who are really excited by the idea of training, and those who
> are are seriously skeptical of any leadership training at all. In fact, if
> you've been to leadership training before and have found it to be terrible
> and awful, I think your input would be most valuable on this one. My
> summary of reasoning behind the 'why' of ZingTrain can be found on the
> etherpad I already mentioned[2]. Also, did I mention, the food will be
> amazing? It will be[3].
> Some complications: the week before the Newton Summit there will be a set
> of incoming TC members (elected in early April) and likely some TC members
> who will be outgoing. Some possible solutions: we can certainly push back
> training til post-Summit when we can have a set of the 'new' TC, or we can
> sign up anyone interested currently, and allow a limited number of newly
> elected folks who are interested sign on as the election is finished. I
> certainly welcome any thoughts on that.
> A note about starting out with the TC/Board for training: this initiative
> began as a set of conversations about leadership as a whole in the entire
> OpenStack community, so the intent with limiting to TC/Board here is not
> exclusion, merely finding the right place to start. My proposal with the TC
> begins with them, because the leadership conversation within OpenStack
> began with them, and the goals of training are really to help them talk
> about defining the issue/problem collectively, within a space designed to
> help people do that.
> If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ping me on IRC
> (gothicmindfood) or ask them here.
> Thanks everyone!
> -colette
> [1]
> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tc/2015/tc.2015-11-03-20.07.log.html
> [2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Leadershiptraining
> [3] http://www.zingermansdeli.com/
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