[openstack-dev] Troubleshooting and ask.openstack.org

Adam Young ayoung at redhat.com
Tue Jun 28 21:44:31 UTC 2016

Recently, the Keystone team  started brainstormin a troubleshooting 
document.  While we could, eventually put this into the Keystone repo, 
it makes sense to also be gathering troubleshooting ideas from the 
community at large.  How do we do this?

I think we've had a long enough run with the ask.openstack.org website 
to determine if it is really useful, and if it needs an update.

I know we getting nuked on the Wiki.  What I would like to be able to 
generate is  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, but as a living 

I think that ask.openstack.org is the right forum for this, but we need 
some more help:

It seems to me that keystone Core should be able to moderate Keystone 
questions on the site.  That means that they should be able to remove 
old dead ones, remove things tagged as Keystone that do not apply and so 
on.  I would assume the same is true for Nova, Glance, Trove, Mistral 
and all the rest.

We need some better top level interface than just the tags, though. 
Ideally we would have a page where someone lands when troubleshooting 
keystone with a series of questions and links to the discussion pages 
for that question.  Like:

I get an error that says "cannot authenticate" what do I do?

What is the Engine behind "ask.openstack.org?"  does it have other tools 
we could use?

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