[openstack-dev] [Kuryr][Magnum] - Kuryr nested containers and Magnum Integration

taget qiaoliyong at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 07:17:15 UTC 2016

hi Vikas,
thanks for you clarify, relied in lines.

On 2016年06月22日 14:36, Vikas Choudhary wrote:
> Magnum:
>  1. Support to pass neutron network names at container creation apis
>     such as pod-create in k8s case.
Hmm. Magnum has deleted all wrapper API for container creation and 
>  1. If Kuryr is used as network driver at bay creation, update heat
>     template creation logic for kuryr-agent provisioning on all the
>     bay nodes. This will also include passing required configuration
>     and credentials also.

In this case, I am confused, we need to install kuryr-agent on all bay 
nodes, so and kuryr-agent's for binding neutron ports and containers 
port, we will need to install neutron-agent on bay nodes too?

Best Regards,
Eli Qiao (乔立勇), Intel OTC.

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