[openstack-dev] [magnum] 2 million requests / sec, 100s of nodes

Ton Ngo ton at us.ibm.com
Fri Jun 17 16:06:46 UTC 2016

Thanks Ricardo for sharing the data, this is really encouraging!

From:	Ricardo Rocha <rocha.porto at gmail.com>
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Date:	06/17/2016 08:16 AM
Subject:	[openstack-dev]  [magnum] 2 million requests / sec, 100s of


Just thought the Magnum team would be happy to hear :)

We had access to some hardware the last couple days, and tried some
tests with Magnum and Kubernetes - following an original blog post
from the kubernetes team.

Got a 200 node kubernetes bay (800 cores) reaching 2 million requests /

Check here for some details:

We'll try bigger in a couple weeks, also using the Rally work from
Winnie, Ton and Spyros to see where it breaks. Already identified a
couple issues, will add bugs or push patches for those. If you have
ideas or suggestions for the next tests let us know.

Magnum is looking pretty good!


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