[openstack-dev] Upcoming changes now that Jenkins has retired

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Fri Jun 17 01:13:06 UTC 2016

Now that we have retired Jenkins, we have some upcoming changes:

* Console logs are now available via TCP

  The status page now has "telnet" protocol links to running jobs.  If
  you connect to the host and port specified in that link, you will be
  sent the console log for that job up to that point in time and it
  will continue to stream over that connection in real time.  If your
  browser doesn't understand "telnet://" URLs, just grab the host and
  port and type "telnet <host> <port>" or better yet, "nc <host>
  <port>" into your terminal.  You can also grep through in progress
  console logs with "nc <host> <port> | grep <string>".

* Console logs will soon be available over the WWW

  Netcatting to Grep is cool, but sometimes if you're already in a
  browser, it may be easier to click on a link and have that just open
  up in your existing browser.  Monty has been working on a websocket
  interface to the console log stream that we hope to have in place

* Zuul will stop using the name "Jenkins"

  There is a new user in Gerrit named "Zuul".  Zuul has been
  masquerading as Jenkins for the past few years, but now that we no
  longer run any software named "Jenkins" it is the right time to
  change the name to Zuul.  If you have any programs, scripts,
  dashboards, etc, that look for either the full name "Jenkins" or
  username "jenkins" from Gerrit, you should immediately update them
  to also use the full name "Zuul" or username "zuul" in order to
  prepare for the change.


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