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Welcome! Please feel free to ping us in IRC (#openstack-zun) or join our weekly meeting (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Meetings). I am happy to discuss how to collaborate further.

Best regards,

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Hello, everyone,

Hypernetes has done some work same as this project, that is

- Leverate Neutron for container network
- Leverate Cinder for storage
- Leverate Keystone for auth
- Leverate HyperContainer for hypervisor-based container runtime

We could help to provide hypervisor-based container runtime (HyperContainer) integration for Zun.

See https://github.com/hyperhq/hypernetes and http://blog.kubernetes.io/2016/05/hypernetes-security-and-multi-tenancy-in-kubernetes.html for more information about Hypernetes, and see https://github.com/hyperhq/hyperd for more information about HyperContainer.

Best regards.

Pengfei Ni
Software Engineer @Hyper

2016-06-13 6:10 GMT+08:00 Hongbin Lu <hongbin.lu at huawei.com<mailto:hongbin.lu at huawei.com>>:
Hi team,

During the team meetings these weeks, we collaborated the initial project roadmap. I summarized it as below. Please review.

* Implement a common container abstraction for different container runtimes. The initial implementation will focus on supporting basic container operations (i.e. CRUD).
* Focus on non-nested containers use cases (running containers on physical hosts), and revisit nested containers use cases (running containers on VMs) later.
* Provide two set of APIs to access containers: The Nova APIs and the Zun-native APIs. In particular, the Zun-native APIs will expose full container capabilities, and Nova APIs will expose capabilities that are shared between containers and VMs.
* Leverage Neutron (via Kuryr) for container networking.
* Leverage Cinder for container data volume.
* Leverage Glance for storing container images. If necessary, contribute to Glance for missing features (i.e. support layer of container images).
* Support enforcing multi-tenancy by doing the following:
** Add configurable options for scheduler to enforce neighboring containers belonging to the same tenant.
** Support hypervisor-based container runtimes.

The following topics have been discussed, but the team cannot reach consensus on including them into the short-term project scope. We skipped them for now and might revisit them later.
* Support proxying API calls to COEs.
* Advanced container operations (i.e. keep container alive, load balancer setup, rolling upgrade).
* Nested containers use cases (i.e. provision container hosts).
* Container composition (i.e. support docker-compose like DSL).

NOTE: I might forgot and mis-understood something. Please feel free to point out if anything is wrong or missing.

Best regards,

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