[openstack-dev] [new][openstack] osc-lib 0.1.0 release (newton)

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Thu Jun 9 13:49:25 UTC 2016

We are amped to announce the release of:

osc-lib 0.1.0: OpenStackClient Library

This is the first release of osc-lib. This release is part of the
newton release series.

With source available at:


With package available at:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in osc-lib 381e53813efd2b32dd3d7380e892d9c6c9dd64b7..0.1.0

b4fd4ed Backport i18n fixes
26080eb Backport log fix
263dd52 Backport --os-beta-command
876d81e Error handling for KeyValueAction class.
6198590 Updated from global requirements
deb9ade Updated from global requirements
f8f1286 Updated from global requirements
6c8f414 Updated from global requirements
e8d95be Updated from global requirements
d22f26d Change is_network_endpoint_enabled() to is_service_available()
26ff8c9 Clean up API
de84dda Move api.api and api.utils to osc_lib
59edb51 Move shell to osc_lib and begin rework
0901727 Add transition doc
e584cef Rework TLS option handling
a122965 Remove keystoneclient dependency
30f6d2a Move clientmanager to osc_lib
742c28d Updated from global requirements
ce181fa Updated from global requirements
dda54dc fix the docs build
00d79fe Fix imports in remaining openstackclient modules for testing
2bcf739 Begin moving bits to osc_lib
99fddac Make remaining tests pass
641ae6b Trim requirements.txt and test-requirements.txt
f78173f Rename to osc-lib
15574df Implement "address scope set" command
21928d0 Implement "address scope show" command
bac5d7d Implement "address scope list" command
43d963c Implement "address scope delete" command
9dfdea6 Implement "address scope create" command
3aa7949 Updated from global requirements
3c244b6 Ignore domain related config when using with keystone v2
81fef68 Updated from global requirements
c6551a1 Ignore domain related config when using with keystone v2
183154c remove assert in favor an if/else
970a296 Replace tempest-lib with tempest.lib
fdb2d16 add a bandit environment to tox
972ae67 Support for volume service list
0d3f1c2 Updated from global requirements
4966b4c Add "server group show" command
bef62d7 Add "server group list" command
a4c09af Add "server group delete" command
0828877 Add "server group create" command
71c042b Fix mutable default arguments in tests
39174a7 Rename --profile to --os-profile
9fc5cb7 Updated from global requirements
521ff87 Updated from global requirements
38a0246 Propagate AttributeErrors when lazily loading plugins
e763be1 Updated from global requirements
d2f9bf8 Move keys() methods in each resource class to FakeResource
55a7d39 Updated from global requirements
c3fd814 Updated from global requirements
50f7591 Support client certificate/key
5705548 Fix typos in docstrings and comments
43bf253 Use fixtures and addCleanup instead of tearDown
d8ee59e Don't mask authorization errors
25c8d54 Remove unused method 'from_response'
7b49979 Refactor security group rule list to use SDK
a7c8353 Add "aggregate unset" to osc
fd743b1 Subnet: Add "subnet set" command using SDK
bddd364 [Floating IP] Neutron support for "ip floating create" command
22fa638 Refactor security group rule create to use SDK
1018a63 Add Subnet add/remove support to router
fedf9f2 Add "router remove port" to osc
e246bb4 Add "router add port" to osc
f589f79 Updated from global requirements
eb19946 update docs with status of plugins
1be4aca Updated from global requirements
c9cfb93 Use assertItemsEqual() instead of assertListEqual()
951f166 Fix dict.keys() compatibility for python 3
74776c8 Add "os subnet create" command using SDK
ba398c4 Refactor security group create to use SDK
5342528 Refactor security group show to use SDK
27e72cf Add 'port set' command
5ff7fcc [Subnet pool] Add 'subnet pool create' command support
5c24929 [Subnet pool] Add 'subnet pool set' command support
a07081c remove py26 workaround in osc
95fb0e0 Add port list command
d4ef56c Trivial: Remove useless return
a1d6de2 Updated from global requirements
0f4c87c Add 'port create' command
f7e5bf9 Updated from global requirements
57d68e9 Updated from global requirements
746a7b9 Refactor security group set to use SDK
681f4d6 Updated from global requirements
b4fcf95 Fix regression in interactive client mode
b5ce7e9 Subnet: Add "subnet delete" command using SDK
27351a9 fix: Exception message includes unnecessary class args
02ab8eb Refactor security group list to use SDK
da6fe12 Add MultiKeyValueAction to custom parser action
36984cf Updated from global requirements
cdf11a5 [compute] Add set host command
27db5be Add shell --profile option to trigger osprofiler from CLI
f2a195e Floating IP: Neutron support for "ip floating show" command
04e9391 Improve tox to show coverage report on same window
bf00440 Updated from global requirements
0df25d5 Defaults are ignored with flake8
b1ee642 Fixed a bunch of spacing
125c8c7 Add "security group rule show" command
bfb022d [compute] Support restore server
7ec0d75 Use instanceof instead of type
641fbea Add "os subnet show" command using SDK
5f93a41 Clean redundant argument to dict.get
ba8fbe2 Updated from global requirements
ddbda52 Fix Mutable default argument
28bee90 gitignore .idea
d3b2400 Replace string format arguments with function parameters
e7ac0db Support unscoped token request
21370cd Don't use Mock.called_once_with that does not exist
0617f57 Subnet Pool: Add "subnet pool show" command
490f3bd Subnet Pool: Add "subnet pool list" command
f9b4290 Remove unused test-requirments
6d005d1 Subnet Pool: Add "subnet pool delete" command
2f0d155 Fix 'openstack --help' fails if clouds.yaml cannot be read
29df754 Floating IP: Neutron support for "ip floating list" command
ec677b4 Floating IP: Neutron support for "ip floating delete" command
6a2d9ca Updated from global requirements
00e9117 Updated from global requirements
e519a75 Refactor security group rule delete to use SDK
761264c Add "token revoke" for identity v3
f05e92e Fix DisplayCommandBase comments for cliff Lister subclass tests
728b970 Updated from global requirements
0712b75 Add support for triggering an crash dump
ec585dc Allow custom log levels for other loggers
ff29e29 Use assert_not_called() in common tests
bfd3a93 Fix a spell typos
c448b89 Refactor security group delete to use SDK
2a1b841 Add "os port show" command
83e0608 Drop log_method decorator
1e7a580 Updated from global requirements
474b600 log take_action parameters in a single place
d412ac0 Update translation setup
3b5b97f Allow wait_for_delete to work for all clients
85d407f Updated from global requirements
92740c1 Remove the Tuskar client
cde3d0c Updated from global requirements
fbb757f Subnet List
20da4d1 Updated from global requirements
9d76c55 Updated from global requirements
85e6239 log_method: get logger from decorated method if unspecified
598061b Set up logger of each command by metaclass
d8687e3 Add support to delete the ports
2ff2831 Updated from global requirements
f6d552a Refactor "os availability zone list"
01bd8ff Changed the abstract columns and datalists from test cases of common and Identity
fbf1acf Updated from global requirements
445eb20 Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F)
f9d64f2 Updated from global requirements
aea008e Delete the unused LOG configure code
fa6ee11 Refactor network endpoint enablement checking
dd19606 Implementation for project unset cmd for python-openstackclient.
474f64e Trivial: Remove useless string_to_bool()
a37e327 Refactor: Initialize parser in setUp() in TestNonNegativeAction
304d843 Refactor: Initialize parser in setUp() in TestKeyValueAction
a1e2b52 Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone(*)
65a7706 Improve output for "os security group show"
27944a9 Add all regions to cloud configuration
be42d06 Updated from global requirements
4364a54 Router: Add "router show" command using SDK
471788e Router: Add "router set" command using SDK
4110f79 Updated from global requirements
117f460 Router: Add "router delete" command using SDK
2e9b08e Router: Add "router create" command using SDK
eff8d2a Updated from global requirements
29134b7 Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed
af4c0d7 Router: Add "router list" command using SDK
910d909 Remove python-neutronclient requirement
d4c697f The format_exc method does not take an exception
05174dd Updated from global requirements
6ced992 SDK integration: Add a temporary method to create network client using sdk.
ca348c1 Updated from global requirements
3468db9 Add reno for release notes management
54f8e2b Switch to ksa Session
ce701c9 autodocument commands from plugins using stevedore.sphinxext
f5a61b2 Updated from global requirements
36014ec Change the home-page value in setup.cfg
4bb613a Add "openstack server unshelve" into OSC
1b8e693 Trivial: Fix a typo.
e564f78 Move FakeServer to tests.common.v2.compute.fakes
84da2ef Trivial: Add missing doc for parameter in wait_for_delete().
7b92190 Remove py26 support
9cc23cd Add "openstack server shelve" into OSC
c34678b Trivial: Fix wrong doc for wait_for_status().
72a4387 Updated from global requirements
36c9729 Trivial: Remove doc for non-existing param in format_dict().
26e6139 Introduce random server faking mechanism.
7ad5a7b Enable FakeResource to fake methods.
9ebb9a7 Allow error status to be specified
fbf2df0 Remove deprecated 'project usage list' command
1bd337b validate non-ascii values for swift properties
4ed4aec Fix the bug of "openstack console log show"
f700485 Add "server stop" command to osc.
83c2b33 Add "server start" command to osc.
7e05f4b Allow int version numbers in the clouds.yaml
c20ea31 Rename context.py to logs.py
68736f1 Allow debug to be set in configuration file
22c0e78 Updated from global requirements
7aadc2d Fix issue when displaying image_member
a501055 Updated from global requirements
41ac10c Add compute service delete
2ae91e9 Updated from global requirements
ac97c6c Move session and fixtures to keystoneauth1
c1f1a29 Remove cliff-tablib from requirements.txt
875e35b Updated from global requirements
e5d13b1 Updated from global requirements
404d7be Mask the sensitive values in debug log
77d53b3 Updated from global requirements
f1182c0 add set/unset support for objects in object store
949ee75 add support for set/unset of container properties
1c83486 Updated from global requirements
8000207 Rename swift account commands
3b85245 Add support for showing account details
4a33118 Add support for updating swift account properties
431ae23 Add tests for find_resource()
ea392bf attempt to find resource by listing
885ceda Additional exception handling for find_resource
884a371 Add image create support for image v2
d5a65a2 Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors
897c736 Move option logging back to start if initialize_app()
2c7b0ff Set default auth plugin back to 'password'
149f12e Updated from global requirements
8707bf4 Updated from global requirements
5daf92d Fix compute API version snafu
d7af4e5 Use a common decorator to log 'take_action' activation
b7855ae Fix 'auhentication' spelling error/mistake
58a8f12 Create log configuration class
53838d2 Override the debug default and help text
825f9ad Move options to log level out of shell.py
8c0a6b8 Move set warnings filters to logging module
de7a86f Updated from global requirements
a1c941a Updated from global requirements
8f72040 Updated from global requirements
d49bbcd Updated from global requirements
e669304 Updated from global requirements
88fad21 Remove non-existing hacking deviations from doc
01c1985 Set up every time record log in file
af04f0d Alphabetize setup.cfg
07bab48 Add set feature to volume type v2
323fd5e Add list feature to volume v2
a3b7684 Updated from global requirements
00082e5 Minor Documentation changes for code samples
2838ba7 Updated from global requirements
3ea37d6 Add support for volume v2 commands
b53e8a0 Add configuration show command
6e5e94f Add plugin interface version
bf51a0b Updated from global requirements
38df8fb Add create and list for volume type v2
00c3d59 add image member commands for image API
f5dbc16 Fix the way auth_type default value is overriden
f55d153 Rename type.py to volume_type.py
54f8540 Add volume type show for volume v1
611d82d More minor docs fixes
078c379 Do not set default versions in parsed args
be7038e Updated from global requirements
3f292dc Remove requirements.txt from tox.ini
6e49cca Rename endpoint type to interface
1bda8d3 Updated from global requirements
b7096ad temporarily skip help tests
4242004 Drop py33 support for Liberty
b68c1c5 Fix interactive password prompt
b6202fa Updated from global requirements
eb102bb Fix wrong mock method call
50c1a00 add functional tests for identity v3
13570de Add --os-endpoint-type cli optional argument
a374d42 Updated from global requirements
8a2aacb Add support for volume API v2 QoS commands
1ebbd57 Alphabetize QoS specs
2b27833 Add support for volume API v1 QoS commands
6c0ae82 Updated from global requirements
345e639 Updated from global requirements
355c1e7 Updated from global requirements
065ffd6 Updated from global requirements
1d478e0 Updated from global requirements
37112f9 Improve the hint message
f1269d3 Fix the typo in `openstackclient/shell.py`
ddc0e84 Skip trying to set project_domain_id if not using password
60cb241 Updated from global requirements
6116fe2 Updated from global requirements
8629d28 Enables retrieval of project's parents and subtree
e97526a Add support for volume backup v2 command
ba4ecef Updated from global requirements
76c1abd Add support for volume snapshot v2 command
8e9e31e Allow --insecure to override --os-cacert
f06d3c0 Add EC2 support for identity v3 API
2a09177 Get rid of oslo_i18n deprecation notice
7d132dc Rework shell tests
5349854 Ignore cover directory from git
182c694 Set tenant options on parsed namespace
fbb890e Add support for volume v2 API
1f2b0d6 Add --wait to server delete
1effca8 Use ostestr for test runs
d248c82 Add cli tests for --verify and friends
bc6c3ab Fix shell tests
34315ee Add support for v2 image set command
4e75d37 Remove oslo serialization requirement
a0fdeb1 Fix insecure/verify options
f8ebc57 Use format options for functional tests
fbceb1f Fix functional test gate
007fee4 Updated from global requirements
4ce729d Send the correct user-agent to Keystone
eb90dca Updated from global requirements
e62fc37 Updated from global requirements
be8caa1 Updated from global requirements
fa63971 Add os-client-config cli tests
9946d15 minor syntax error in tox.ini
8917602 Minor logging/debug cleanups
0aeb467 Raise exception if no session is created
b1eac35 Functional tests run in many environments
f4a6515 Remove references to venv
5631354 Add --os-cloud support
bdf21fe Print warning on authentication error
ccc0f75 Uncap library requirements for liberty
e846348 Defer client imports
e77062b Federation Service Providers CRUD operations
aa62930 Add warning message if unknown version supplied
f5304ed Fix session timing
888eb4f Suppress warnings user can't fix
a43a12b Updated from global requirements
beed8ce Add the ability to set and unset flavor properties
8483a73 Use cliff deferred help instead of homemade one
c79aa08 Move OSC auth plugins so they can be found
1f7586b Add identity v3 catalog show
25e06c6 Add identity v3 catalog list
6c72d7a Add ability for diplaying hypervisor statistics
1daba95 Raise AttributeError for unknown attributes
bf88411 Updated from global requirements
726371c Fix auth-required for help command
727c7fe change oslo namespace to avoid warning
144ad9c Updated from global requirements
edf7066 Fix error msg in sort_items
ec9343f Implement trust in identity v3 api
7c79277 Check volume status before extending size
d91bc59 Adding default user_domain_id parameter only when using password auth
46cce03 Add sort support to image list
1d3c599 Updated from global requirements
c327a74 Change test order to avoid incompatibliity
d0f63fc Add filter to image list
8aa7268 fix the wrong order of assertEqual args
0205b59 Remove ignore portion of tox.ini
0af23d2 Begin low-level API for Image v1 and v2
f8a8387 Add missing oslo-config to requirements
5a760dd Default user domain id and project domain id
7795c5f Add helpful messages when authN'ing with password
99638e2 Add version url config workaround
b705c93 Deprecate project usage list command
c0f44b3 Updated from global requirements
70070bb Upgrade hacking to 0.10
76c4b8f Updated from global requirements
8a08366 Fix up snapshot command
85c5b37 Rename `os project usage list` to `os usage list`
fc57323 Add usage show command
1542323 Don't import form keystoneclient.openstack.common
339b1d8 list availability zones for compute
ab2b17f Updated from global requirements
d9749fc Updated from global requirements
73ebc33 Enhance the theming for modules page
98d2a6b add keystone v3 region object
1c7d3ff Updated from global requirements
81f3a44 Add environment variable in the os-auth-type help
a84fb64 Liberalize version matching a bit
797040f Tests work fine with random PYTHONHASHSEED
70917f4 Updated from global requirements
3e38324 Add --or-show option to user create
4e136ba Add cliff-tablib to requirements
7b0f386 Use fixtures from keystoneclient for static data
36ec334 Unscoped federated user-specific commands
ab5dad8 Adjust some logging levels
a9ad5cf Change --os-auth-plugin to --os-auth-type
3f5a7c2 Include support for using oslo debugger in tests
f766bca Clean up shell authentication
08ada52 only generate one clientmanager instance in interactive mode
8e64b6e Remove ClientManager._service_catalog
e8f727c Remove now-unnecessary client creation hacks
55d3494 use jsonutils in oslo.serialization instead of keystoneclient
a99386d Close files on server create, add tests
3139990 Move plugin stuff to clientmanager
7938e5b Put pbr and six first in requirements list
bd7d72d Add plugin to support token-endpoint auth
c7a2dd0 Updated from global requirements
4ab2e89 Fix operation on clouds with availability-zones
10a882a Add translation markers for user v2 actions
2131d95 Add domain parameters to user show for Identity V3
21e877c Support for keystone auth plugins
cb34726 Add 'command list' command
7936096 CRUD operations for federated protocols
93d9128 Update for cliff commandmanager >=1.6.1
ef647ce Implement CRUD operations for Mapping objects
6ac65e0 Update gitignore
71c9eb3 Place the command to generate docs on one line
daeb1c4 Remove duplicate env function in shell.py
2fc4d03 Add functional tests to osc
6774c88 Add low-level API base class
4d00d23 Test top-to-bottom: object-store containers
73e0a3d Updated from global requirements
bce378d utils.find_resource does not catch right exception
2ee7dcb Remove unused reference to keyring
4a537fe Use oslo.utils
eb763e3 Updated from global requirements
a1f1b03 Add service catalog commands
f834031 Add preliminary save container support
b2bdc7c Add preliminary support for downloading objects
5b32040 Updated from global requirements
c3be638 Use Keystone client session.Session
4b8d9d1 Add action 'user password set' for identiy v3
2ed4915 Unordered dicts and lists causes variable results
ae06ade Leverage openstack.common.importutils for import_class
6f5ec21 Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing
4fe8eb6 Make Identity client load like the others
086021f Change app.restapi to app.client_manager.session
f089b33 Add i18n module to openstackclient
463a734 Add oslo.i18n as a dependency
dc7d2ea Updated from global requirements
81e5a60 Add commands for object upload and delete
fb529ef Use oslosphinx to generate documentation
0548bca Updated from global requirements
07b0670 Add container create and delete support
2593d45 Fix PEP8 E302 errors
60fc5db Add Python 3 support
4f2098b Fix server resize
9a042ad Add basic timing support
30dcb22 Move network stuff to v2 instead of v2_0
52905e7 Catch SystemExit for parse args
634c5e8 Python 3: remove a useless code to safe_encode()
8e70500 Remove keyring support from openstackclient
7e22f4f trust authentication
72531b5 Updated from global requirements
4578b22 Sort/clean setup.cfg
dd74d55 Rename token classes to match command
4150ae3 Fix PEP8 E126 and E202 errors
3b81ad9 Fix PEP8 E265 errors
0d014a3 Fix PEP8 H405 errors
05d799f Network CRUD
beda3d9 Updated from global requirements
27f6c92 Updated from global requirements
2533218 Change the token verb to issue/revoke
f466018 Add a docs job to tox.ini
81b45ba Fix find_resource for keystone and cinder
5dfb8c4 Refactor oauth1 code for updates
3ba77ab Updated from global requirements
622eba9 Clean up logging levels
ae0688a Ignore most of the new hacking 0.9.2 rules
accda16 Add support for extension list
fc9a865 Add role assignments list support to identity v3
56a9053 Add token delete command for identity v2
d935f61 Fixed several typos throughout the codebase
f69cc96 replace string format arguments with function parameters
9fab2fa Updated from global requirements
0c86707 Implement CRUD operations for Identity Providers
dccf6a4 Updated from global requirements
85b978b move read_blob_file_contents to utils
0f3dd0a Produce a useful error message for NoUniqueMatch
68e6604 Updated from global requirements
192d9d9 Make bash comple command best effort to authorize
ada4f1b Updated from global requirements
dc95229 In anticipation of network agents, rename compute
9527599 Updated from global requirements
3dc56f6 Add ability to prompt for passwords for user create and set
062baa9 Fix some help strings
4303800 Use six.iteritems() rather than dict.iteritems()
5476d77 Remove tox locale overrides
8dfd0cb Add token create subcommand for identity v3 api
2014253 Updated from global requirements
5c2d16f Remove copyright from empty files
0e49990 Add token create subcommand for identity v2 api
8a35dae Sync with global requirements
c5f59c5 Add support for specifying custom domains
4ef1a46 Displaying curl commands for nova and cinder calls
bf5052c Remove mox3 requirement
75392fc Updated from global requirements
e388fb3 Add missing requests and six requirements
b6ae802 Add module list command
95170cf Update OSC's CommandManager subclass
55fa18b Bring RESTApi closer to ithe imminent keystoneclient.Session
4f2e14d Add return Closes-Bug: 1246356
68be896 Restore Object API name 'object-store'
d2b7fb9 Expand support for command extensions
6ce09e5 Fix typo
b285828 Support building wheels (PEP-427)
74ec0fa Add server image create command
2b67f2a Complete basic test infrastructure
a82c4a2 change execute to run
def5d31 Update URL for global hacking doc and fix typos
14b7aea Remove httpretty from test requirements
971c3d3 Updated from global requirements
35a2922 Updated from global requirements
abaeec4 Add options to support TLS certificate verification
b67467d Updated from global requirements
6ad2e68 Add object-store show commands
3577eae Sort entrypoints in setup.cfg
6c1315c Fix security group entrypoints
74ee91d Delay authentication to handle commands that do not require it
9c52f6d Prepare for Identity v3 tests
13c5635 Add to clientmanager tests
6aa09ad Add Identity v2 role and service tests
1ed485d Refactor fake data for projects and users
6acb947 Update tox.ini for new tox 1.6 config
86bd5fe Update requirements.txt and test-requirements.txt
4a69e44 Object API commands using our REST API layer
ce0d303 Create a new base REST API interface
c7edb27 Re-order oauth commands and sync with keystoneclient
d8f52df Add Identity v2 project tests
7e04334 Updated from global requirements
37aed64 Sync with global requirements
cd0544e Change version reporting to use pbr
e83ea08 Prep for 0.2 release (0.2.rc1)
a5006e0 Remove 'oauth authorization show' function from identity v3
3e3f327 Remove tenant round 3 - other commands
aaba308 Remove tenant round 2 - Identity API
04dd6b7 Remove tenant round 1 - global options
f2eb7b6 Add server ssh command
f89d675 Add security group commands
9829477 Add server resize command
6974b26 Add server migrate command
aecfd39 Add server commands: (un)lock, (un)rescue, (un)set, add/remove volume
88d9bee Add usage command for compute api
3dedbe5 Clean up properties (metadata) formatting
122e77f Add aggregate commands
4a43f02 Complete Image v1
a99d26a Add quota commands
fd1d0f8 Add list and delete authorizations for oauth commands
ce18132 Add show limits command
a23a5fa Remove api = apiName calls from each method
d86de50 Add authenticate method to oauth code
9e3d354 Add EC2 credentials CRUD
5c8eabd Finish up v3 role commands
a10ba04 Add methods for user and group interactions
0dadf9a Move tests into project package.
5f265e7 Add OAuth support for Identity V3
c378978 Remove explicit distribute depend.
ffb3c74 Add volume backup commands
1759df8 python3: Introduce py33 to tox.ini
20bf3b6 Rename requires files to standard names.
e6bffb3 Fix identity v2.0 entry point
e5c3552 Tweak volume commands and add k=v argparse action
fb389a4 Migrate to pbr.
3024e0f Migrate to flake8.
2a2a6bc Fix flake8 errors in anticipation of flake8 patch.
d04785d Switch to noun-verb command forms
40cd7b8 Add console commands
c3500db Adds image `create` and `delete` functionality.
0ae0022 Add fixed-ip and floating-ip commands
e229f20 Add compute keypair commands
3252762 Add policy to identity v3
04f8220 Add metadata support for volume
37b013b Make entry point strings readable
44b7540 Add extra-specs support for volume-type
7d8a305 Add endpoint v3 functionality
ef1788e Add service v3 support for identity
a7d227d Add functionality for add-role commands
fff4917 Add a simple extension hook
5871591 Add role v3 support to identity in openstack client
ef1725d Added compute hypervisor support.
4ed985e Turn down requests logging level
207c9fc Add snapshot support for v1 volume
030efb2 add domain, credential to identity v3 api
6f9f316 Add volume support for openstack client
608ef06 Add compute hosts support.
8de0553 Add metadata support for volume type
d74e30d Added compute service support.
4e57f62 Add quota v1 support for volume
3363fba Added compute flavor support.
a049a32 Added compute agent support.
e64aa56 Correct the version mapping to image service.
ebbd570 Add Cinder API V1 Support
81fd4b9 Multiple API version support
332e82d Update .coveragerc
cdee965 Upgraded to PEP8 1.3.3 to stay aligned with Nova, etc.
ba4be2a Clean up test_shell so that the tests are captured though the test framework.
78086a8 Use install_venv_common.py from oslo.
9a97f0b v3 identity - group and project api
078d9f4 Sync latest openstack-common updates.
f77c384 Standardize on a copyright header and ensure all files have them.
3926f35 Migrate from nose to testr.
5526565 Clean up test environment and remove unused imports.
3aa002a Updated gitignore and manifest.
3da30ae Adds Glance API v2 support.
690b821 Fixes setup compatibility issue on Windows
c5c215e Add OpenStack trove classifier for PyPI
7917800 Update compute client bits
b9936da Keyring support for openstackclient.
797ea75 If no password in env or command line, try prompting.
1628930 Add read_versioninfo method.
2d58c18 Add post-tag versioning.
1fece78 Fix pep8 issues.
1b9fe80 Move docs to doc.
3218849 minor fixes
cf11289 Add role CRUD commands
3ee4d59 Add endpoint CRUD commands
d6b7533 Clean up tenant and server
b26a850 Update service commands
7242c31 Add user CRUD commands
4f8798c fix authentication setup in interactive mode and improve error handling so tracebacks are not printed twice
49099b6 Revise command boolean flags
dffbcf5 Move get_client_class() to common.utils
de59bda Add tenant CRUD commands
806a202 Add API versioning support
698d6e6 look at the command the user is going to run before trying to authenticate them
e6191cf Add copyright notices and update dates
5402902 Add tenant commands, work on service
2696da2 More identity client config
d70f92e Remove printt
7c456b3 Add Identity to ClientManager
3a17779 Fix "help" command and implement "list server" and "show server"
3548fc5 Change binary name to 'openstack'
6d70356 Auto generate AUTHORS for python-openstackclient.
0274c7f Shell init & logging
b3e34ac Reset project version to 0.1
5ad84ff Add openstack-common and test infrastructure.
f4d032a Cleanup auth client path
db0ff40 Add 'list service' command and common modules
4cee9bc Add token auth to shell and README
efc38ed Begin to add Keystone auth
685becc Change to argparse to match cliff 0.2
a9446dc Use cliff
2d53e46 Set up common utils
882a767 Add openstackclient bits

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