[openstack-dev] [tc] Leadership training recap & steps forward

Colette Alexander colettealexander at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 16:05:18 UTC 2016

Hello Stackers!

I wanted to send an update about what happened last week at the
leadership training session in Ann Arbor, Michigan and some of the
things moving out of the training that we're hoping help improve the
community as a whole.

17 people from the community (including 8 from the TC) and 2 trainers
from ZingTrain spent 2 days covering a range of materials and
subjects: servant leadership! Visioning! Stages of learning! Good
practices for leading organizational change! Also there were delicious
sandwiches and BBQ.

Reviews and reflections from the training have been overwhelmingly
positive, and some blog posts about it are starting to pop up.[0]

On the day after training, a slightly smaller group than the full 17
met to discuss how some of the ideas presented might help the
OpenStack community, and identified some areas of work that are now
being initiated by the TC. Some of the work identified involves the TC
examining and where necessary, altering the ways it works, and some of
it involves a general support for and development of leadership in all
areas of the OpenStack community. To more clearly define and
accomplish that work, a Stewardship Working Group has been

Because of the success of the training, and the fact that 5 TC members
weren't able to attend this past instance, I'm working to arrange a
repeated offering. It's still very much in the planning stages, but
I'm hoping it will be in September, and follow the same 2-day
training/1 day reflection/planning structure as before. The training
will be enrolled similarly to the last one - with TC and Board members
having first crack at the sign up list, and then opening remaining
seats to the rest of the community. I will post to the -dev list as
dates and details are finalized for that.

Ideally there will be some discussion and work on this (including a
potential panel discussion) at the Ocata Summit in Barcelona as well -
stay tuned for information on that as it becomes available!

A huge thanks to all who attended, and to the Foundation who sponsored
the training for everyone - I'm incredibly excited to work on all of
this in such a great environment, with such great people.



[0] http://www.tesora.com/openstack-tc-will-not-opening-deli/
[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/337895/

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