[openstack-dev] [cinder] Testing Cinder upgrades - c-bak upgrade

Duncan Thomas duncan.thomas at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 14:42:28 UTC 2016

On 29 Jan 2016 19:37, "Michał Dulko" <michal.dulko at intel.com> wrote:

> Resolution on this matter from the Cinder mid-cycle is that we're fine
> as long as we safely fail in case of upgrade conducted in an improper
> order. And it seems we can implement that in a simple way by raising an
> exception from volume.rpcapi when c-vol is pinned to a version too old.
> This means that scalable backup patches aren't blocked by this issue.

Agreed. As long as:
a) there is a correct order to upgrade, with no loss of service


b) incorrect ordering results in graceful failure (zero data loss, new
volumes / backups go to error, old backups are in a state where they can be
restored once the upgrade is complete, sensible user error messages where

If those two conditions are met (and it sounds like they are) then I'm happy
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