[openstack-dev] [Monasca] alarms based on events

Premysl Kouril premysl.kouril at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 14:06:13 UTC 2016

Hi Roland,

I had a chat with people on IRC about it and I understood that in order for
my use case to work the Monasca software needs to implement "non-periodic"
metrics (because the monitored box sends out the event only on health
change and not periodicaly) and I understood that this enhancement is
currently being designed.

Is that correct?

On 22 Jan 2016 01:04, "Hochmuth, Roland M" <roland.hochmuth at hpe.com> wrote:

> Hi Prema, SNMP isn't handled in Monasca and I have little experience in
> that area. This would be new development.
> It is possible to map binary data, such as health/status of a system or
> component. The usual way is to use the value 0 for up/OK and 1 for
> down/NOT_OK. A component would need to be developed to handle SNMP traps,
> then translate and send them to the Monasca API as binary data. Possibly,
> this component could be added to the Agent.
> Using the Monasca Alarm API, an alarm could be defined, such as
> max(snmp{}) > 0.
> The latency for a min/max alarm expression in Monasca is very low.
> Regards --Roland
> On 1/18/16, 9:07 AM, "Premysl Kouril" <premysl.kouril at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >we are just evaluating Monasca for our new cloud infrastructure and I
> >would like to ask if there are any possibilities in current Monasca or
> >some development plans to address following use case:
> >
> >We have a box which we need to monitor and when something goes wrong
> >with the box, it sends out and SNMP trap indicating that it is in bad
> >condition and when the box is fixed it sends out SNMP trap indicating
> >that it is OK and operational again (in other words: the box is
> >indicating health state transitions by sending events - in this case
> >SNMP traps).
> >
> >Is it possible in Monasca to define such alarm which would work on top
> >of such events? In other words - Is it possible to have a Monasca
> >alarm which would go red on some external event go back green on some
> >other external event? By alarm I really mean a stateful entity in
> >monasca database not some notification to administrator.
> >
> >Best regards.
> >Prema
> >
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