[openstack-dev] [puppet] [oslo] Proposal of adding puppet-oslo to OpenStack

Cody Herriges cody at herriges.org
Tue Jan 19 23:50:05 UTC 2016

Colleen Murphy wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 9:57 AM, Xingchao Yu <yuxcer at gmail.com
> <mailto:yuxcer at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi, Emilien:
>          Thanks for your efforts on this topic, I didn't attend V
>     release summit and missed related discussion about puppet-oslo.
>          As the reason for not using a unified way to manage oslo_*
>     parameters is there maybe exist different oslo_* version between
>     openstack projects.
>          I have an idea to solve this potential problem,we can maintain
>     several versions of puppet-oslo, each module can map to different
>     version of puppet-oslo.
>         It would be something like follows: (the map info is not true,
>     just for example)
>         In Mitaka release
>         puppet-nova maps to puppet-oslo with 8.0.0
>         puppet-designate maps to puppet-oslo with 7.0.0
>         puppet-murano maps to puppet-oslo with 6.0.0
>         In Newton release
>         puppet-nova maps to puppet-oslo with 9.0.0
>         puppet-designate maps to puppet-oslo with 9.0.0
>         puppet-murano maps to puppet-oslo with 7.0.0
> For the simplest case of puppet infrastructure configuration, which is a
> single puppetmaster with one environment, you cannot have multiple
> versions of a single puppet module installed. This means you absolutely
> cannot have an openstack infrastructure depend on having different
> versions of a single module installed. In your example, a user would not
>  be able to use both puppet-nova and puppet-designate since they are
> using different versions of the puppet-oslo module.
> When we put out puppet modules, we guarantee that version X.x.x of a
> given module works with the same version of every other module, and this
> proposal would totally break that guarantee. 

How does OpenStack solve this issue?

* Do they literally install several different versions of the same
python library?
* Does every project vendor oslo?
* Is the oslo library its self API compatible with older versions?


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