[openstack-dev] [fuel] github can't sync with git because of big uploading

Asselin, Ramy ramy.asselin at hpe.com
Tue Jan 12 01:29:10 UTC 2016

I understand this is an issue, but I don’t see why syncing to github is needed so urgently? You can still keep working and accessing the repo by developers/tools using openstack’s git farm [1]

[1] http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/fuel-plugin-onos/

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       I have forward the email and can you help me see why no answers.

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Hi all:
         Repo of  has something wrong because of uploading big file. Though codes are reverted while history still contains the pack which results in big downloading and unsync with github.
         I really want to solve this problem and please forgive my own decision for a new commit of new onosfw because I don’t want this impacting the project. I have to admit that I am really bad at management of commit and merge. So I invite fuel ptl as the manager of new repo to avoid such things.
         Does anyone can help me solve this as soon as possible?

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