[openstack-dev] [Nova][libvirt]Could not create tap interface in ovs bridge

manda phaneendra mphaneendra at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 12:28:20 UTC 2016

When i am spawning a new VM, there is an error in neutron conductor
"error: Unable to add port tapc3b3f80b-ee to OVS bridge br-int"

When the issue is analyzed further, have seen error in libvirt logs,
"libvirt:  error : cannot execute binary ovs-vsctl: Permission denied"
 error : virNetDevOpenvswitchAddPort:155 : internal error: Unable to add
port tap1ffb7f48-81 to OVS bridge br-int

After installing the OVS patch, ovs-vsctl is installed in /usr/local/bin

Please help me how to solve this problem.

Thanks & regards,
Phaneendra Manda.
ph: +91 9972 622 741
Email: mphaneendra at gmail.com
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