[openstack-dev] [all] A proposal to separate the design summit

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Feb 25 11:40:27 UTC 2016

Qiming Teng wrote:
> [...]
> Week 1:
>    Wednesday-Friday: 3 days Summit.
>      * Primarily an event for marketing, sales, CTOs, architects,
>        operators, journalists, ...
>      * Contributors can decide whether they want to attend this.
>    Saturday-Sunday:
>      * Social activities: contributors meet-up, hang outs ...
> Week 2:
>    Monday-Wednesday: 3 days Design Summit
>      * Primarily an event for developers.
>      * Operators can hold meetups during these days, or join project
>        design summits.
> If you need to attend both events, you don't need two trips. Scheduling
> both events by the end of a release cycle can help gather more
> meaningful feedbacks, experiences or lessons from previous releases and
> ensure a better plan for the coming release.
> If you want to attend just the main Summit or only the Design Summit,
> you can plan your trip accordingly.

This was an option we considered. The main objection was that we are 
pretty burnt out and ready to go home when comes Friday on a single-week 
event, so the prospect of doing two consecutive weeks looked a bit like 
madness (especially considering ancillary events like upstream training, 
the board meeting etc. which tend to happen on the weekend before summit 
already). It felt like a good way to reduce our productivity and not 
make the most of the limited common time together. Furthermore it 
doesn't solve the issue of suboptimal timing as described in my original 

The benefit is that for people attending both events, you indeed save on 
pure flight costs. But since you have to cover for conference hotel 
rooms and food over the weekend and otherwise compensate employees for 
being stuck there over the weekend, the gain is not that significant...

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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