[openstack-dev] [all] A proposal to separate the design summit

Michał Dulko michal.dulko at intel.com
Thu Feb 25 10:32:19 UTC 2016

On 02/25/2016 09:13 AM, Qiming Teng wrote:
> Hi, All,
> After reading through all the +1's and -1's, we realized how difficult
> it is to come up with a proposal that makes everyone happy. When we are
> discussing this proposal with some other contributors, we came up with a
> proposal which is a little bit different. This idea could be very
> impractical, very naive, given that we don't know much about the huge
> efforts behind the scheduling, planning, coordination ... etc etc. So,
> please treat this as a random thought.
> Maybe we can still have the Summit and the Design Summit colocated, but
> we can avoid the overlap that has been the source of many troubles. The
> idea is to have both events scheduled by the end of a release cycle. For
> example:
> Week 1:
>   Wednesday-Friday: 3 days Summit.
>     * Primarily an event for marketing, sales, CTOs, architects,
>       operators, journalists, ...
>     * Contributors can decide whether they want to attend this.
>   Saturday-Sunday:
>     * Social activities: contributors meet-up, hang outs ...
> Week 2:
>   Monday-Wednesday: 3 days Design Summit
>     * Primarily an event for developers.
>     * Operators can hold meetups during these days, or join project
>       design summits.
> If you need to attend both events, you don't need two trips. Scheduling
> both events by the end of a release cycle can help gather more
> meaningful feedbacks, experiences or lessons from previous releases and
> ensure a better plan for the coming release.
> If you want to attend just the main Summit or only the Design Summit,
> you can plan your trip accordingly.
> Thoughts?
>  - Qiming

>From my perspective this idea is more appealing. If someone doesn't want
to join main conference he don't need to and we avoid distractions
coming from both events intersecting.

What isn't solved here is placing developer conference in "cheaper"
cities, but I have a feeling that even if hotels cost less, it will be
harder to travel to less popular locations.

Another problem is the timing of the main conference, which in this
proposition won't happen in the middle of the cycle. I wonder however if
it really makes a difference here and if companies want to present
products based on latest release in 2.5 month timeline.

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