[openstack-dev] [magnum] containers across availability zones

Ricardo Rocha rocha.porto at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 22:11:09 UTC 2016


Has anyone looked into having magnum bay nodes deployed in different
availability zones? The goal would be to have multiple instances of a
container running on nodes across multiple AZs.

Looking at docker swarm this could be achieved using (for example)
affinity filters based on labels. Something like:

docker run -it -d -p 80:80 --label nova.availability-zone=my-zone-a nginx

We can do this if we change the templates/config scripts to add to the
docker daemon params some labels exposing availability zone or other
metadata (taken from the nova metadata).

It's a bit less clear how we would get heat to launch nodes across
availability zones using ResourceGroup(s), but there are other heat
resources that support it (i'm sure this can be done).

Does this make sense? Any thoughts or alternatives?

If it makes sense i'm happy to submit a blueprint.


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