[openstack-dev] [all] A proposal to separate the design summit

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Tue Feb 23 10:08:51 UTC 2016

Eoghan Glynn wrote:
> Thanks for the proposal, just a few questions:
>   * how would we achieve a "scaled-down design summit in Barcelona"? i.e.
>     what would be the forcing function to ensure fewer contributors attend,
>     given that some people will already be making plans?

Exactly how much the Barcelona Design Summit will be scaled down is 
still an open question. If Ocata ends up being a shorter cycle, there 
should be less design discussions needed (especially if some projects 
opt to turn Ocata into a "stabilization cycle"). As a result there 
should be less space requests and we should be able to "scale down" to 
using slightly less rooms.

>   * would free passes continue to be issued to all ATCs, for *both* the
>     conference and the contributor event? (absent cross-subsidization at
>     the latter event from non-ATC attendees paying full whack)

The contributor event would likely be free for existing contributors to 
attend. Then the idea would be to offer a discount to attend the main 
summit to any person that was physically present at the contributors 
event. That should help control the costs for those who want to attend 
them all.

>   * if reducing travel costs is part of the aim here, would it be wise not
>     to hold the second contributor event per-year in mid-August, when in
>     Europe at least the cost of flights and hotels spike upwards and the
>     availability of individual contributors tends to plummet due to PTO.
>   * would it better to keep the ocata cycle at a more normal length, and
>     then run the "contributor events" in Mar/Sept, as opposed to Feb/Aug?
>     (again to avoid the August black hole)

This is a good point. The reason February / August were picked is that 
the dates for the main summits in 2017 are already ~known (see picture) 
and placing (for example) the P contributors event in early September 
means the summit would happen before the middle of the dev cycle, when 
it's too early to start discussing requirements for the next cycle.

It's still an option though... And over the long run nothing prevents us 
from moving the summit more toward the end of November / start of 
December and end of May / start of June, to allow for a start of March / 
start of September contributors event.

I expect we'll have a session in Austin to discuss all this.

>   * instead of collocating any surviving mid-cycles with the more glitzy
>     conference-style event (which seems to run counter to the midcycle
>     ethos AIUI), why not allow these to continue running per-project in
>     unofficial mode in donated office space? (if projects consider them
>     still needed)

We can't really prevent people from organizing those anyway :) I just 
hope social in-person team gatherings will not be needed as much with 
this split. What may still be needed are mid-cycle "sprints" to achieve 
specific objectives: those could happen in hackathon space at the main 
summit, in donated office space, or online.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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