[openstack-dev] [Nova][Glance]Glance v2 api support in Nova

Mikhail Fedosin mfedosin at mirantis.com
Fri Feb 12 15:24:11 UTC 2016


In late December I wrote several messages about glance v2 support in Nova
and Nova's xen plugin. Many things have been done after that and now I'm
happy to announce that there we have a set of commits that makes Nova fully
v2 compatible (xen plugin works too)!

Here's the link to the top commit https://review.openstack.org/#/c/259097/
Here's the link to approved spec for Mitaka

I think it'll be a big step for OpenStack, because api v2 is much more
stable and RESTful than v1.  We would very much like to deprecate v1 at
some point. v2 is 'Current' since Juno, and after that there we've had a
lot of attempts to adopt it in Nova, and every time it was postponed to
next release cycle.

Unfortunately, it may not happen this time - this work was marked as
'non-priority' when the related patches had been done. I think it's a big
omission, because this work is essential for all OpenStack, and it will be
a shame if we won't be able to land it in Mitaka.
As far as I know, Feature Freeze will be announced on March, 3rd, and we
still have enough time and people to test it before. All patches are split
into small commits (100 LOC max), so they should be relatively easy to

I wonder if Nova community members may change their decision and unblock
this patches? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Mikhail Fedosin
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