[openstack-dev] [Fuel][QA] What is the preferred way to bootstrap a baremetal node with Fuel on product CI?

Dennis Dmitriev ddmitriev at mirantis.com
Tue Feb 9 16:43:51 UTC 2016

Hi all!

To run system tests on CI on a daily basis using baremetal servers
instead of VMs, Fuel admin node also should be bootstrapped.

There is no a simple way to mount an ISO with Fuel as a CDROM or USB
device to a baremetal server, so we choose the provisioning with PXE.

It could be done in different ways:

- Configure a libvirt bridge as dnsmasq/tftp server for admin/PXE network.
      Benefits: no additional services to be configured.
      Doubts: ISO should be mounted on the CI host (via fusefs?); a HTTP
or NFS server for basic provisioning should be started in the admin/PXE
network (on the CI host);

- Start a VM that is connected to admin/PXE network, and configure
dnsmasq/tftp there.
      Benefits: no additional configuration on the CI host should be
      Doubts: starting the PXE service becomes a little complicated

- Use Ironic for manage baremetal nodes.
      Benefits: good support for different hardware, support for
provisioning from ISO 'out of the box'.
      Doubts: support for Ironic cannot be implemented in short terms,
and there should be performed additional investigations.

My question is:  what other benefits or doubts I missed for first two
ways? Is there other ways to provision baremetal with Fuel that can be
automated in short terms?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Dennis Dmitriev
QA Engineer,
Mirantis Inc. http://www.mirantis.com
e-mail/jabber: dis.xcom at gmail.com

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