[openstack-dev] [all][tc] Proposal: Separate design summits from OpenStack conferences

Anita Kuno anteaya at anteaya.info
Mon Feb 8 14:42:54 UTC 2016

On 02/08/2016 04:09 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Jay Pipes wrote:
>> tl;dr
>> =====
>> I have long thought that the OpenStack Summits have become too
>> commercial and provide little value to the software engineers
>> contributing to OpenStack.
>> I propose the following:
>> 1) Separate the design summits from the conferences
>> 2) Hold only a single OpenStack conference per year
>> 3) Return the design summit to being a low-key, low-cost working event
>> [...]
> I agree with most of the things that have been said so far. I think the
> upstream community can't really get its work done in the current
> setting,

Sounds like we have some agreement on this point.

> and that it's too costly for companies to send most of their
> developers to classy hotels in expensive cities. I therefore think it
> would be beneficial to separate the events.
> I agree that a separated design summit should be in lower-cost venues
> and smaller cities. But I don't think that the "OpenStack contributor
> community" can or should directly organize them. I happen to have a foot
> on both sides, and I can tell you organizing those events is extremely
> time consuming. I know exactly who would end up with the burden of
> organizing those events in the end -- and those are the same overworked
> cross-project core of developers that fill all the gaps in OpenStack.
> I don't want to risk even more burnout from that group by forcing them
> into the craziness of organizing such events every 6 months.

Thank you!

> I don't
> think the issue with the Design Summit is that the Foundation staff and
> FNTech organizes them.

Shout out to the Foundation staff and FNTech who do such an amazing job
of creating lovely events so consistently. Thank you, thank you. This
discussion, as Monty stated early in his post, in no way is any kind of
reflection of the quality of your work or your dedication to task, which
is evident in everything you do (including the fabulous feedback
sessions at the conclusion of the events). This is a reflection of our
fantastic success and growth. Thanks for your wonderful work!

> It's mostly my team working on it on the staff
> side -- and I think Mike Perez and myself qualify as "OpenStack
> contributor community".

I agree with that characterization, yes.

> The issue is with the bundling of the two
> events, and that can be fixed while still letting a specialized event
> team do all the heavy lifting.
> The timing of this thread is unfortunate, since after Tokyo I have
> actually been working on a solution for separation myself, and the
> Foundation is finalizing a strawman proposal that should soon be pushed
> for comments to the community. It involves changes to the main
> conference event as well.
> So please stand by while we finalize that: I think you will like the end
> result.

Thank you Thierry and team. I look forward to the strawman and
ruminating on it once proposed.

Thank you,

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