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Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Wed Feb 3 20:05:15 UTC 2016

Nick Yeates wrote:
> I have been scouring OpenStack artifacts to find examples of what
> encourages good software design / patterns / architecture in the wider
> system and code. The info will be used in teaching university students.
> I suppose it would be good for new developers of the community too.
> I found hacking.rst files, along with blueprints and bugs and code
> reviews, but cant piece together a full picture of how good architecture
> and design are encouraged via process and/or documents.
> - Architecture descriptions (ex: http://www.aosabook.org/en/index.html )?
> - Code standards?
> - Design rules of thumb?
> I see the Design Summits, but have not yet found in-depth design
> recommendations or a process.

Perhaps oslo is a good start? It starts to feel that good patterns begin 
either there or in projects, and then those good patterns start to move 
into a shared location (or library) and then get adopted by others.

As for a process, the spec process is part of it IMHO, organically it 
also happens by talking to people in the community and learning who the 
experienced folks are and what there thoughts are on specs, code (the 
review process) but that one (organic) is harder to pinpoint exactly 
when it happens.

> Does it come from Developers personal experience, or are there some sort
> of artifacts to point at? I am looking for both specific examples of
> design patterns, but more a meta of that. What encourages or describes
> good design in OpenStack?

As an oslo core, I can point u at artifacts, but it depends on having 
more information on what u want, because 'good design' and what 
encourages it or discourages it is highly relative to the persons 
definition of the word 'good' (which is connected itself to many things, 
experience, time in community... prior designs/code/systems built...).

> Thanks,
> -Nick Yeates
> IRC: nyeates (freenode)
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