[openstack-dev] [all] towards a keystone v3 only devstack

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Feb 1 17:21:50 UTC 2016

On Friday last week I hit the go button on a keystone v3 default patch
change in devstack. While that made it through tests for all the tightly
integrated projects, we really should have stacked up some other spot
tests to see how this was going to impact the rest of the ecosystem.
Novaclient, shade, osc, and a bunch of other things started faceplanting.

The revert is here - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/274703/ - and will
move it's way through the gate once the tests complete.

Going forward I think we need a more concrete plan on this transition.
I'm going to be -2 on any v3 related keystone changes in devstack until
we do, as it feels like we need to revert one of these patches about
every month for the last 6.

I don't really care what format the plan takes, ML thread, wiki page,
spec. But we need one, and an owner (probably on the keystone side) to
walk us through how this transition goes. This is going to include some
point in the future where:

1. devstack configures v3 and v2 always, and devstack issues a warning
if v2 is enabled
2. devstack configures v3 only, v2 can be enabled and v2 enabled is a
3. devstack removes v2 support

The transition to stage 2 and stage 3 requires using Depends-On to stack
up some wider collection of tests to demonstrate that this works on
novaclient, heat, shade, osc, and anything that comes forward as being
broken by this last round. It's fine if we give people hard deadlines
that they need to get their jobs sorted, but like the removal of
extras.d, we need to be explicit about it.

So, first off, we need a volunteer to step up to pull together this
plan. Any volunteers here?


Sean Dague

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