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Danielle Mundle danielle.m.mundle at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 14:35:26 UTC 2016

Hello all,

We've recently uploaded a video presenting the findings from the recent UX
research on information needs of operators. There will also be a session at
the Ops Summit next week in NY around how to move forward with potential


Main findings:

* Overall, operators tend to follow a similar process for information

1) Google or internal information search to isolate the problem

2) Reach out to an external source for alternate ideas – usually another
co-worker or an operator in the community (indirectly via IRC or mailing

3) Comb through the code to check for more granular clues to pinpoint the

* While participants acknowledged that total consolidation of all OpenStack
information was out of scope, a common theme among ideal solutions was
better organization of information.

Potential solutions (in no particular order):

   - Create a knowledge base of problems encountered and solutions proposed
   - Utilize a template to ensure a common structure for capturing
   environment info
   - Collect “best practices” for common tasks
   - Optimize search for Google results
   - (Smaller company) access to other problem-solving resources provided
   by (larger) companies
   - More detailed OpenStack logging
   - Having a greater number and/or better quality of operator-focused docs
   - The ability to add comments to specific documentation pages
   - Providing reference architectures as a learning tool

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments!

IRC: uxdanielle
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