[openstack-dev] [tripleo] State of upgrade CLI commands

Brad P. Crochet brad at redhat.com
Tue Aug 16 19:08:27 UTC 2016

Hello TripleO-ians,

I've started to look again at the introduced, but unused/undocumented
upgrade commands. It seems to me that given the current state of the
upgrade process (at least from Liberty -> Mitaka), these commands make
a lot less sense.

I see one of two directions to take on this. Of course I would love to
hear other options.

1) Revert these commands immediately, and forget they ever existed.
They don't exactly work, and as I said, were never officially
documented, so I don't think a revert is out of the question.


2) Do a major overhaul, and rethink the interface entirely. For
instance, the L->M upgrade introduced a couple of new steps (the AODH
migration and the Keystone migration). These would have either had to
have completely new commands added, or have some type of override to
the existing upgrade command to handle them.

Personally, I would go for step 1. The 'overcloud deploy' command can
accomplish all of the upgrade steps that involve Heat. In order for
the new upgrade commands to work properly, there's a lot that needs to
be refactored out of the deploy command itself so that it can be
shared with deploy and upgrade, like passing of passwords and the
like. I just don't see a need for discrete commands when we have an
existing command that will do it for us. And with the addition of an
answer file, it makes it even easier.



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