[openstack-dev] OpenStack-Announce List

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Fri Nov 20 04:00:20 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I'd like to get your thoughts about the OpenStack-Announce list.

We describe the list as:

Subscribe to this list to receive important announcements from the 
OpenStack Release Team and OpenStack Security Team.

This is a low-traffic, read-only list.

Up until July 2015, it was used for the following:
* Community Weekly Newsletter
* Stable branch release notifications
* Major (i.e. Six-monthly) release notifications
* Important security advisories

and had on average 5-10 messages per month.

After July 2015, the following was added:
* Release notifications for clients and libraries (one email per 
library, includes contributor-focused projects)

resulting in an average of 70-80 messages per month.

Personally, I no longer consider this volume "low traffic" :)

In addition, I have been recently receiving feedback that users have 
been unsubscribing from or deleting without reading the list's posts.

That isn't good news, given this is supposed to be the place where we 
can make very important announcements and have them read.

One simple suggestion might be to batch the week's client/library 
release notifications into a single email. Another might be to look at 
the audience for the list, what kind of notifications they want, and 
chose the announcements differently.

What do you think we should do to ensure the announce list remains useful?



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