[openstack-dev] [Ironic] Do we need to have a mid-cycle?

Lucas Alvares Gomes lucasagomes at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 16:45:53 UTC 2015


In the last Ironic meeting [1] we started a discussion about whether
we need to have a mid-cycle meeting for the Mitaka cycle or not. Some
ideas about the format of the midcycle were presented in that
conversation and this email is just a follow up on that conversation.

The ideas presented were:

1. Normal mid-cycle

Same format as the previous ones, the meetup will happen in a specific
venue somewhere in the world.

2. Virtual mid-cycle

People doing a virtual hack session on IRC / google hangout /
others... Something like virtual sprints [2].

3. Coordinated regional mid-cycles

Having more than one meetup happening in different parts of the world
with a preferable time overlap between them so we could use video
conference for some hours each day to sync up what was done/discussed
on each of the meetups.

4. Not having a mid-cycle at all

So, what people think about it? Should we have a mid-cycle for the
Mitaka release or not? If so, what format should we use?

Other ideas are also welcome.

[1] http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/ironic/2015/ironic.2015-11-09-17.00.log.html
[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/VirtualSprints


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