[openstack-dev] How to do once off/infrequent meetings?

Bailey, Darragh dbailey at hp.com
Wed Mar 25 15:23:29 UTC 2015

I was looking at using the meetings service
(https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings) to run and log a meeting on a
stackforge project (git-upstream -
http://git.openstack.org/cgit/stackforge/git-upstream), which seems to
focus on reoccurring meetings.

So I'm wondering how best to register an adhoc meeting, I'm sure there
may be others in the future, but the project isn't at the point where it
would be useful to run a regular meeting.

I'm happy enough to just run this through the standard IRC channel in
this case, but I figured it might be better if I found out if it was
possible to use the meetings service?

btw, if anyone is interested in the project git-upstream the
discussion/meeting is happening tomorrow in the #git-upstream IRC
channel @5pm UTC.

Darragh Bailey

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