[openstack-dev] [depfreeze][horizon] Update to Django-1.7.x

Matthias Runge mrunge at redhat.com
Wed Mar 25 11:00:11 UTC 2015

On 25/03/15 11:34, Sean Dague wrote:

>> Could you make this one "Depends on"
>> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/167515/ so that we check that all
>> Django 1.7 related issues are fixed ?
> I don't think it was ever sufficiently explained why horizon now needs
> django nose to compile it's message catalog (which is where it is
> failing) when moving to 1.7.
> http://logs.openstack.org/53/155353/7/check/check-tempest-dsvm-full/961c75f/logs/devstacklog.txt.gz#_2015-03-20_19_25_51_098
We're getting nearer here, thank you!

--compilemessages is called with test settings, which is wrong imo.

The question is, why it has not hit us earlier.

In any case, django_nose is not a runtime dep. I can see, why this is 
run at the gate as part of tests, though.


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