[openstack-dev] [designate] Designate performance issues

Hayes, Graham graham.hayes at hp.com
Thu Mar 19 13:59:14 UTC 2015

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On 03/19/2015 07:41 AM, stanzgy wrote:
> Hi all. I have setup kilo designate services with powerdns backend and mysql innodb storage in a
single node.
> The services function well at first. However, after inserting 13k A
records via API  within 3 domains (5k, 5k, 3k for each), the service
stops working.
> designate-api returns 500 and many RPCs timeout
> designate-central takes 100% cpu, seems trying hard updating domains
but failed
> designate-mdns also takes 100% cpu, flooded with "Including all
tenants items in query results" logs
> powerdns gets timeout errors during AXFR zones
> The server doesn't seem to turn any better after suffering in this
state for hours. What I could do to recover the service is to cleanup
databases and restart the service.
> My question is:
> 1. Is it not recommended to create too many records in a single domain?
> 2. Any suggestions to improve this situation?
> --
> Best Regards,
> Zhang Gengyuan

 First off, for that initial burst of activity, I would disable debug
level logging.

How did you try and add them? Was it via a calling the API as fast as
possible until it fell over?
I would recommend rate limiting the initial import if it was.

Do you have any logs from the services?


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