[openstack-dev] [designate] Designate performance issues

stanzgy stan.zgy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 07:39:28 UTC 2015

Hi all. I have setup kilo designate services with powerdns backend and
mysql innodb storage in a single node.
The services function well at first. However, after inserting 13k A records
via API  within 3 domains (5k, 5k, 3k for each), the service stops working.

designate-api returns 500 and many RPCs timeout
designate-central takes 100% cpu, seems trying hard updating domains but
designate-mdns also takes 100% cpu, flooded with "Including all tenants
items in query results" logs
powerdns gets timeout errors during AXFR zones

The server doesn't seem to turn any better after suffering in this state
for hours. What I could do to recover the service is to cleanup databases
and restart the service.

My question is:
1. Is it not recommended to create too many records in a single domain?
2. Any suggestions to improve this situation?

Best Regards,

Zhang Gengyuan
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